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May 2005 Bizarre / Bizarre La Revista Mas Extremada del Mundo Numero 8
Falling through an Internet rabbit hole, I stumbled upon a subculture of urban explorers that sneak into abandoned and long-forgotten mental institutions for photographic endeavors. One particular explorer, John Gray, had even self published a book of his photography, including stunning shots from inside the Danvers State Insane Asylum--perhaps the eeriest of all such properties and also practically in his own backyard.

The Resonance Project Spring 2000
A chat with the author of an amazing travelogue following the cultural and geographical origins of coffee. In a fair world, Allen would now be working for Vice or National Geographic.

The Resonance Project Summer 1998
This early interview with addiction medicine specialist and, at the time, the world's foremost researcher on ketamine Dr. Karl Jansen explores his book (Ketamine: Dreams and Realities), influences and latest research.

1998-1999 Unpublished
Even the cyberdelic press in the late 90s wouldn't touch my interview with the legendary underground chemist/author dubbed the "Most Dangerous Man in America."

Psychedelic Island Views Vol. 4 (1998) No. 1
Following initial exposure to Douglas Rushkoff via Media Virus in my mass communications studies, I was intrigued that he'd just written a strange sci-fi novel. This guy was on top of everything, I concluded, and I had to interview him.

The Resonance Project Winter 1997/98
One of the world's foremost ethnobotanists was on AOL. So was I. And the teenage me had a lot of questions for him. He shared that the older he gets the more he realizes he doesn't know. That confounded me at the time (whatever time is), but I've long since realized the extent of the unknowable and appreciate beyond words his cognitive nudging.