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Wicked Good
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There are Events, and Then There's SXSW
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Facility Manager, Spring 2016
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MEETING, January/February 2016
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Los Angeles Clippers build first-of-its-kind, pop-up club
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One+, January 2011
One+, November 2009

One+, January 2009 
Between the time writer Joseph Dobrian turned in his draft of this feature and when we were to complete design, valuable sources emerged. But with the print deadline so close, I needed to jump right in, leverage a new-found source (an event planner in Mumbai facing uprooted events due to the terrorist attacks) and expand the still-developing story.
The Meeting Professional, May 2008 
Via Abbi Whitaker, I was able to produce the first media coverage of an innovative social team-building activity. My heart doesn't melt too easily, but the program behind this story touched me.
The Meeting Professional, November 2007
Dealing with the occasional ne'er-do-well is part and parcel of the event planning game. People will sneak in without paying, crash invite-only affairs or, in the case of the hacker conference DEFCON, lie to gain access and attempt to record attendees admitting to breaking the law. I interviewed Jeff Moss, founder of DEFCON, to discuss when a Dateline NBC undercover journalist was exposed at the event.

The Meeting Professional, June 2007
The site visit is an important element of the meeting and event planning process. For this feature, I gathered best practices from industry planners and suppliers. As this was the cover story, the art on its opening spread was replicated on the cover of the magazine. (I loved the cover so much, the editor in chief gave me a framed copy. I'd later learn that the publisher absolutely hated this cover!)

The What and How of WOW
The Meeting ProfessionalMay 2007 
My first huge, non-destination-specific feature for MPI, I sought to understand the differing thoughts on the buzz-tastic "wow factor" at events.

Haunted Venues
The Meeting Professional, October 2004 
When seeking truly unique meeting venues, don't forget to check out spaces already occupied--with spirits of the dead!

The Intrigue of Absinthe
TRIP, Winter 2002